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    Shingeki no Kyojin 30-Day Challenge

    Day 6:Favorite Friendship

    Jean x Marco

  2. nunaloveslife:

    a little viddie inspired by Droplets :3

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    If you haven’t watched Free! 50% off, you should do it

  4. make me choose // shibui-tsuki askedRin Okumura or Yato 

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  6. I think today has been my least favorite of all my birthdays. 

    I hate people celebrating me…

  7. shit-ib-students-say:

    IB: This is a college level class so we will be doing 20 essays every week and they will be no less than 5 pages AND DON’T THINK ABOUT TURNING THINGS IN LATE!!
    College: This is a college level class, so we will be doing about three or four essays over the semester, and they’ll be about 500 words each but I’m not strict on that, also you won’t be graded on grammar.

    Thought I wouldn’t post about IB anymore, but I saw this and wanted to throw in my two sense. This in most cases is not what it’s like. I’m barely into college and I have huge lab write-ups, essays and various other papers. 

    Yeah, I know, IB is a lot of work and the demands of the course are very rigorous, but the very few days I’ve been in college, they have helped me so so much. 

    And in my college, there are strict penalties for turning assignments in late. For starters, in ALL my classes, I could lose 10% to 30% off an assignment for it being ONE DAY late. 

    I’m not going to sugarcoat it. College is a lot harder than IB. Especially if you’re going into time consuming majors such as the science ones.

    (sorry, this may be satire, but I don’t want people to get the wrong idea) 

  8. The Fall of the Red Lotus